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    Photo: AFTN / Tom Ewasiuk: On December 1st Canadian Soccer Business announced that League1 BC has been acquired by Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) from BC Soccer, effective immediately,. League1 BC was launched by BC Soccer in October 2021 and play commenced in 2022. The league serves as a stepping stone between the youth and the professional game for players across British Columbia and Canada, with an emphasis on development while supporting the pathway in BC to help develop the...

    The following story is from League 1 Ontario by their staff on March 31, 2022 LEAGUE1 CANADA WILL UNIFY AND ELEVATE MEN’S AND WOMEN’S PROVINCIAL DIVISION III PRO-AM SOCCER LEAGUES NATIONWIDE Toronto, ON (March 31, 2022) - Canadian Soccer Business(CSB) in partnership with BC Soccer, Soccer Québec, and Ontario Soccer announced today the formation of League1 Canada, an alliance of Canada’s existing provincial Division III Pro-Am Men’s and Women’s soccer leagues: League1 BC, League1 Ontario and Première ligue de soccer du...