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    Courtesy of Learn Loft April 13, 2021 Original Article courtesy of the LearnLoft Lead Your Best April 13, 2021: April 13, 2021 Managers are constantly communicating with their employees to transfer knowledge and information. This communication is crucial to the success of any team or organization; but, only if it is performed appropriately. Barking orders, giving directives, inserting negative comments, and providing unempathetic feedback are also communication methods, but they won’t give you the same success rate.   Anyone is susceptible...

    Image courtesy of Learn Loft Courtesy of the LearLoft March 9, 2021 If someone tells you they were born a leader, don’t believe them. No one is born a leader, but people do develop into one. While some of the most outstanding leaders of all time were born with some leadership DNA, they still had to work to develop their skills over their journey. This question of whether leaders are born or made has been debated for decades. Leadership...

    Today is Bell "Let's Talk Day". Although it is only one day a year everyday we should be focusing on the mental health and wellness of each other. Normally there are many that struggle with mental health, but with the COVID-19 Pandemic, now more than ever people are struggling, especially when they have to deal with the isolation of quarantine. Please remember that we are only as strong as each other. We as coaches are lucky, we...