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    Courtesy of Dan Abrahams Sport Psychology Ltd via LinkedIn The following post is from Dan Abrahams Sport Psychology Ltd from January 12, 2023. Participation is central to the role of a coach. When I use the word participation, I'm referring to engagement. “How do I engage my players?"“How do I help my players engage?"“How do I help my players engage each other and with each other?" Have you ever sat down and thought about these three questions? And when I...

    The following post is courtesy of Dan Abrahams a Sport Psychologist from his LinkedIn post March 9, 2022 - Dan Abrahams Sport Psychology Ltd. For the original post or to learn more about Dan please go to: 8 practices that may help to improve your coaching: 1. Reflect - what went well in the session? What could have gone better? What can you incorporate next time? Were your players learning? What might your players have said about...