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    The following post is courtesy of Robert Glazer's "Friday Forward" from February 17, 2023. Over the past decade, coaches and players in professional sports have criticized referees more openly and aggressively, with many star players setting the bad example. However, this is likely not because officiating has gotten worse in that time span. In fact, the reality is that officiating is probably better and more accurate now than at any other time in history. Referees have more technology at their disposal,...

    The following is courtesy of Robert Glazer's Friday Forward post on June 18, 2021. When the history books chronicle the last two years, we will learn about many crucial decisions that were made. We’ll see how many lives were saved with heroic and bold actions, and how some were lost because of decisions scuttled by incorrect assumptions, politics, misinterpreted data or even just poor timing. As is often the case, these decisions will be evaluated with the benefit of hindsight,...

    The following article is from Robert Glazer from Friday October 23, 2020. I thought that it was appropriate given some of the challenges as coaches that we all face today with some of our young athletes and the changes in culture that we all will be facing going forward when we resume play in 2021. Enjoy. NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving is one of the game’s most talented players, but he is perhaps even better known for his...