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    Courtesy of Tony Elliott About Tony Elliott: Tony Elliott is the lead Goalkeeping Coach at Birmingham City Women's Football Club of the FA WSL. Tony Elliott's first publication, penned and narrated by Adam Woodage, has developed an exceptional reputation within the coaching world for its treatment of the 'humanistic' side of the game, filtered through a context of goalkeeping experiences and learnings from a multitude of different formats.  It has become a necessary resource for the modern goalkeeper...

    The following slides are courtesy of Tony Elliott on his observations of the role of the goalkeeper in the modern game. Tony is the lead GK Coach of Birmingham City Women FC of the WSL, Lead Goalkeeping Coach to the FA England Deaf and Blind Football Squad and a UK Goalkeeper-coach FA Educator. He is also the author of ‘A Modern Approach To Goalkeeping!’ What are the key demands of this role in...