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    Originally published on December 27, 2021 Last week, our company hosted its annual, global event, AP Summit. In addition to celebrating our 2021 wins and making a big company announcement, we also welcomed a keynote speaker, Eric Kapitulik. Kapitulik is one of my favorite leadership speakers. He is the founder of The Program, an innovative leadership development firm with deep military roots. Each year, he and his team work with over 100 top-performing college sports programs and private companies—including our Acceleration Partners team back...

    Courtesy of the LearLoft January 19, 2021 Maybe it’s to increase revenue, improve profitability, or to reduce voluntary turnover. Whatever the goal is, it matters because you have taken the time and energy to define your team’s new performance goals to achieve in 2021. Research suggests that goal-driven leaders outperform those that are not. So if you’re not a goal-setting kind of person, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach at the beginning of the year.   However, as a...