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    The answer doesn't have to be in your head; you can look outside yourself. If you're truly looking at things objectively, you must recognize that the probability of you always having the best answer is small and that, even if you have it, you can’t be confident that you do before others test you. So it is invaluable to know what you don't know. Ask yourself: Am I seeing this just through my own eyes? If so,...

    Courtesy of OneSoccer: Cavalry FC head coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. (Photo: Nora Stankovic) The following story is from the files of OneSoccer in an ongoing series by Oliver Platt.  In the first edition of The Method, Oliver Platt from OneSocccer explores a new series of discussions with the coaches and executives shaping our own professional domestic league.  First up, Cavalry head coach and general manager Tommy Wheeldon Jr. (pictured) and York9 president Angus McNab to take us through the signing of players and building of...

    The following article is from Robert Glazer from Friday October 23, 2020. I thought that it was appropriate given some of the challenges as coaches that we all face today with some of our young athletes and the changes in culture that we all will be facing going forward when we resume play in 2021. Enjoy. NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving is one of the game’s most talented players, but he is perhaps even better known for his...