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    Albert Einstein once wrote on a chalkboard:9 x 1 = 99 x 2 = 189 x 3 = 279 x 4 = 369 x 5 = 459 x 6 = 549 x 7 = 639 x 8 = 729 x 9 = 819 x 10 = 91Suddenly chaos erupted in the classroom because Einstein made a mistake. Obviously, the correct answer to 9 × 10 isn’t 91. And all his students ridiculed him.Einstein waited for everyone to...

    The following story is from the files of OneSoccer in an ongoing series "The Method" by Oliver Platt.  Courtesy of OneSoccer: In the second instalment, Oliver Platt from OneSocccer explores the "Art" of the team talk with Pacific FC's Pa-Madou Kah and Halifax's Stephen Hart. The Do's and Don'ts of how to effectively deliver a message.   It was the team talk heard across Prince Edward Island. In a win-or-go-home scenario, Pacific coach Pa-Modou Kah had watched his team fail to register...