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    Ontario Tech and UBC Shake Up The USPORTS Men’s Soccer Top 10 Tag

    So the coefficient last week confused me and well this week I realized that I only graduated with a Social Sciences degree, so I know nothing about coefficients. So let's just get to the USPORTS Men's Top 10. There have been some changes this week, and I am left to wonder how Ontario Tech remain ranked behind Carleton, with a better record and own the head to head? A simple explanation: Coefficient. Courtesy of

    So in a week that was not nearly as dramatic as the Women's weekly rankings, it appears that the "coefficient" is the real "talk of the town" in the USPORTS Men's weekly Top 10. Courtesy of USPORTS: At some point someone has to do the math, because it doesn't quite appear to add up. It begs to wonder how the Number 5 Ontario Tech Ridgebacks who this past weekend defeated the previously higher ranked Number 6 Carleton...