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    The following article is from Robert Glazer's Friday forward on January 10, 2022: A few months back, I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at an event for a few hundred executives. Though the speech was less than an hour, it was many hours in the making.  A few weeks before the event, I joined a call with the organizers to confirm the content, my start time, presentation time and other logistics. Then, I trimmed my slide deck to ensure it matched the allotted time—my cadence is one slide per minute.  When I traveled to...

    The following story is from the files of OneSoccer in an ongoing series "The Method" by Oliver Platt from October 22, 2020. Courtesy of OneSoccer: It has been a remarkable run for a club in its second year of existence. Since last year’s Concacaf League kicked off on August 1, two-time Canadian Premier League champions Forge have played 10 matches in a knockout or playoff format. The club from Hamilton has won seven of them, losing just one — an...

    Courtesy of Richard Bucciarelli and Soccer Fitness Inc. July 19, 2020 Courtesy of UOIT Athletics and Richard Bucciarellii Richard Bucciarelli Richard Bucciarelli, MS, B.Kin., R.Kin, CSCS, CSEP-CEP, USSF “A,” is a professional fitness coach, sports scientist and coach educator, and the owner of Soccer Fitness Inc., a soccer-specific strength and conditioning company in Toronto. Richard was an assistant coach previously with the York University men when they won the U-Sport National Championship in 2010, and has been part of the...