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    The following article is from Robert Glazer's Friday forward on January 10, 2022: A few months back, I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at an event for a few hundred executives. Though the speech was less than an hour, it was many hours in the making.  A few weeks before the event, I joined a call with the organizers to confirm the content, my start time, presentation time and other logistics. Then, I trimmed my slide deck to ensure it matched the allotted time—my cadence is one slide per minute.  When I traveled to...

    The following is courtesy of Robert Glazer's Friday Forward post on June 18, 2021. When the history books chronicle the last two years, we will learn about many crucial decisions that were made. We’ll see how many lives were saved with heroic and bold actions, and how some were lost because of decisions scuttled by incorrect assumptions, politics, misinterpreted data or even just poor timing. As is often the case, these decisions will be evaluated with the benefit of hindsight,...

    Courtesy of Robert Glazer Friday Forward May 13, 2021 Recently, I spoke to a group of new managers at our company about the crucial lessons I’ve learned in my own leadership journey. At the top of the list was learning to delegate.  I still remember how, in the early years of the business, I was in charge of nearly every function and struggled to let go. It was exhausting.  I have seen this same theme crop up repeatedly at our company: virtually...