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    Originally published on December 27, 2021 Last week, our company hosted its annual, global event, AP Summit. In addition to celebrating our 2021 wins and making a big company announcement, we also welcomed a keynote speaker, Eric Kapitulik. Kapitulik is one of my favorite leadership speakers. He is the founder of The Program, an innovative leadership development firm with deep military roots. Each year, he and his team work with over 100 top-performing college sports programs and private companies—including our Acceleration Partners team back...

    The following article is from Robert Glazer from Friday October 23, 2020. I thought that it was appropriate given some of the challenges as coaches that we all face today with some of our young athletes and the changes in culture that we all will be facing going forward when we resume play in 2021. Enjoy. NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving is one of the game’s most talented players, but he is perhaps even better known for his...