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    The following story is courtesy of the Canadian Premier League website originally posted on January 27, 2021 by Charlie O'Connor-Clarke (@CHARLIEJCLARKE) The CPL DEEP DIVE, is a series that takes an in-depth look at a particular subject matter of interest in the Canadian Premier League, examining it from a variety of angles and perspectives. The latest installment of this web feature takes a look at Cape Breton University, one of the best university programs in Canada, and its...

    Story originally posted Credit:CPL Story originally posted December 15, 2020 at and at December 19, 2020 Courtesy of and In a little over two years, U SPORTS men’s soccer has become a key pipeline for Canadian soccer talent. The ongoing CPL-U SPORTS Draft, which is set to return in January of next year, has brought 17 players to the Canadian Premier League, many of which are considered some of the league’s brightest stars. January’s draft will consist...