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    Excerpts of the following article are courtesy this month's edition of Women's Soccer Coaching highlighting the Minnesota Aurora a team that is led all by females, with an "all female coaching staff" and community owned playing out of the USL W-League. With all of the events of the past week and the demand for a Women's Pro League here, maybe there are some ideas that can be cultivated here in Canada building on the success...

    Image courtesy of Facebook Excerpts of the following story by Steph Fairbairn are courtesy of the latest issue of Women's Soccer Coaching Magazine: Ex-Canada star CARMELINA MOSCATO is back in coaching again after a nomadic post-retirement life. STEPH FAIRBAIRN catches up with her to discuss her philosophy and how coaches can seize control of their career “I’ve been playing musical chairs since I retired”. Former Canada defender Carmelina Moscato - capped 94 times by her...

    The following excerpt of this story is courtesy of the May 2021 issue 006 of Women's Soccer Coaching: Cover Photo by , Reilly Beatty, Blackburn Rovers FC Courtesy of the May 2021 issue 006 of Women's Soccer Coaching: Her Blackburn Rovers side were twice denied promotion before finally being admitted to the FA Women’s Championship. Boss GEMMA DONNELLY tells us how she kept her cool - and recalls a rollercoaster of a coaching story. Interview by LIV...