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    Courtesy of Soccer Coach Weekly: Excerpts of the following story from September 22, 2022 in Breaking the Lines by Tobi Peter (@ Keep it_tactical) Football is a game of pure magic, never mind that it can a while to get the hang of the rules past emphasized the role of basic instincts in football and the need to refine basic instincts to become a better footballer- sizing up a moment and deciding what to do in a...

    Courtesy of the CSA Excerpts of the following opinion piece by Richard Lauresta, "The Canadian National Football Team: When Football Meets Multiculturalism" is from Breaking the Lines from February 22, 2022 Courtesy of the Canadian Soccer Association: Should they collect one more point in their last three matches of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers, they will be assured of having a spot in the biggest football tournament. The Canucks are the only unbeaten team in the Octagon in 11...