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    Student-Athlete Wellness Courtesy of the CCAA and SIRC. The CCAA is pleased to introduce a round-table webinar series ( in a new window). The goal of these panel discussions is to identify topics that are important to the CCAA and its stakeholders and invite experts to provide their insights.  Video: in a new window This topic discusses the healthy and balanced lifestyle that student-athletes strive to maintain and the resources available to them to ensure success on and off the field... Changing the Game with Data Join us February 9th, 2021, on Zoom! Register now Opens in a new window Concussion safety in Canadian sport has advanced significantly in recent years. The harmonization of evidence-based protocols through every level of sport has been at the heart of Canada’s leadership and success.  But injury prevention starts with data. So, at this symposium you’ll hear from sport leaders who have found the evidence and have changed their programs to help prevent concussions. National, provincial, territorial,...