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    Cognitive Science

    Courtesy of Grant Hayes and Soma Technologies Picture this: You're watching a nail-biter of a game, the crowd is going wild, and everything comes down to the final seconds. It's moments like these where a fraction of a second can make all the difference. Have you ever thought about what goes into those split-second decisions athletes make? It's not just about quick reactions; it's about years of training to shave off those crucial milliseconds. Because, in sports, sometimes...

    Courtesy of Grant Hayes The following post by Grant Hayes of Soma Technologies from February 21, 2024 at Athletes and professionals are constantly in search of proven methods to enhance cognitive performance and recover from mental fatigue. This blog post presents a variety of structured protocols that meld cognitive exercises with physical activities to sharpen cognitive performance. Designed to effectively manage mental workload and physical stress, each protocol aims for sustained performance and optimal recovery. These strategies...