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    Courtesy of Grant Hayes The following post by Grant Hayes of Soma Technologies from February 21, 2024 at Athletes and professionals are constantly in search of proven methods to enhance cognitive performance and recover from mental fatigue. This blog post presents a variety of structured protocols that meld cognitive exercises with physical activities to sharpen cognitive performance. Designed to effectively manage mental workload and physical stress, each protocol aims for sustained performance and optimal recovery. These strategies...

    Courtesy of Grant Hayes As we hit the end of the first month of competition in USports and the CCAA, we are all starting to see the "toll" that the new workloads for some athletes is taking on them as players trying to juggle school, athletics at the varsity level in College or University and a social life. In a number of cases, for the first years, or freshmen, a completely new lifestyle that is forcing a number...

    Courtesy of Grant Hayes: Courtesy of Grant Hayes: The following post is from Grant Hayes from April 11, 2023 on of Soma Technologies a leading cognitive performance training platform. Athletes are expected to perform at their best, pushing the limits of their physical and mental abilities. However, mental fatigue can take a toll on an athlete's performance, affecting their ability to think clearly and make split-second decisions on the field. What is Mental Fatigue? Mental fatigue is a...