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    Sports Science

    Courtesy of Grant Hayes via LinkedIn: In the competitive arena of team sports, the mental aspect is just as essential as physical ability. Athletes and coaches are increasingly recognizing the significant role mental fatigue has in influencing game-day performance. This blog dives into a systematic scoping review that examines the subtle yet impactful role of mental fatigue in team sports. By analyzing various studies, the review provides a comprehensive look at how cognitive tiredness can affect sport-specific motor...

    Courtesy of Grant Hayes: Courtesy of Grant Hayes: The following post is from Grant Hayes from April 11, 2023 on of Soma Technologies a leading cognitive performance training platform. Athletes are expected to perform at their best, pushing the limits of their physical and mental abilities. However, mental fatigue can take a toll on an athlete's performance, affecting their ability to think clearly and make split-second decisions on the field. What is Mental Fatigue? Mental fatigue is a...

    Courtesy of Richard Bucciarelli and the Speed Training Lab and High Performance Center. November 18, 2021 IF THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN ABLE TO STRUCTURE THEIR COMPETITIVE SOCCER SEASONS SO THAT THEY AVERAGE CLOSE TO 1 MATCH PER WEEK, THERE IS NO REASON FOR CANADA NOT TO FOLLOW SUIT. College and university athletes are getting hurt, but there’s an easy way to prevent it.   Six years ago, I wrote a similar article about the Ontario and Canadian inter-college and university soccer competitive...