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    Enrique Domingo - Post Coach Contributor March 11, 2021 As Canadian colleges and universities wait on the resumption of varsity sports, some student-athletes and coaches may believe that suspending varsity sports was not the best choice. Just like in the U.S., where the NCAA did resume their Division l competitions, but not all of them.  When comparing USports and the CCAA to the NCAA, there is a significant difference in almost all aspects, but, regardless of the difference between each...

    The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) will delay the start of all fall Olympic Sports until at least September 1st due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The sports in questioned that will be affected are men's and women's cross country, soccer and volleyball as well as field hockey. There will be no regular season games in August and the teams will not be allowed to play exhibition games either. This comes on the heels of the Ivy League cancelling their...