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    2022-01-01 By Staff So welcome to 2022!!! The Canadian Premier League appears to be alive and well going into year four with all of the things that they have had to deal with when starting a new league.  With all of the mechanizations and moving parts that come with building a national league from scratch in a country as vast as Canada is, that still has many changes in its demographics on almost a daily basis, and the sport...

    Atlético Ottawa coach Mista. Courtesy of (Andrea Cardin/Freestyle Photography/CPL) Excerpts of the following story by are courtesy of the Canadian Premier League by Marty Thompson, Digital Content Editor (@MARTYTHOMPSON_) from December 28, 2021: Atlético Ottawa and head coach Mista have parted ways, the club announced Tuesday, ahead of the 2021 Canadian Premier League season. Both sides have agreed not to enter into a new agreement for the upcoming Atlético Ottawa campaign, according to Ottawa brass, who will now...