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    The Goalkeeper In The Modern Game

    a picture of a person wearing a jersey
    Courtesy of Tony Elliott

    Tony Elliott is the Lead Goalkeeping Coach to the FA England Deaf and Blind Football Squad. Tony is a UEFA Goalkeeping ‘A’ Licence Holder
    International Futsal Goalkeeping Coach And Coach Educator. He was the 2015 FA Disability Coach of the Year
    Author of the highly acclaimed publication ‘A Modern Approach To Goalkeeping’! available at


    The Characteristics Of The Goalkeeper In The Modern Game Across The Five Elements Of Development.

    The world of goalkeeping has seen transition and evolution over the last decade that has evolved many elements of the position.

    From goalkeepers being seen as ever more pivotal in-possession in the start of the attack, to a range of blocking and lateral split techniques used by goalkeepers to keep the ball out of the net, Tony Elliott addresses these elements in the online goalkeeping course that he teaches at:

    Tony Elliott’s first publication, penned and narrated by Adam Woodage, has developed an exceptional reputation within the coaching world for its treatment of the ‘humanistic’ side of the game, filtered through a context of goalkeeping experiences and learnings from a multitude of different formats.  It has become a necessary resource for the modern goalkeeper coach and many coaches period in understanding the mentality of playing the position in the modern game. It is a pleasure to be allowed by Tony to post some of his work here. Tony can be contacted on LinkedIn at:

    Below is a purely subjective view of Tony Elliott, some slides that have been created to be shared with those that we are looking to develop their keepers, or as keepers themselves.

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    Thank you to Tony for allowing to post.

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