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    U SPORTS Unable To Offer National Championships In Winter 2021

    Courtesy of U-Sport

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    U-SPORTS announced Thursday that it cannot safely offer the 2021 winter national championships due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

    The determination to not offer the championships comes with the unanimous support of its Board of Directors and the four university sports conferences: Atlantic University SportRéseau du sport étudiant du QuébecOntario University Athletics and Canada West.

    “Following consultations with the four conferences, we agreed that student-athlete safety remains our top priority,” said Dick White, U SPORTS Interim Chief Executive Officer. “It is not logistically possible for teams to be travelling across the country at this time. Therefore, U SPORTS is in the unfortunate position where we are unable to offer the 2021 winter championships.”

    The impacted events include the women’s and men’s championships in basketball, hockey, swimming, track and field, volleyball and wrestlingCurling Canada previously announced the suspension of the 2021 university championships.

    U SPORTS is committed to providing student-athletes with exceptional experiences to achieve their full academic and athletic potential. As such, health and safety are at the centre of Thursday’s announcement.  

    “It is important to consider the impact on the under-30 university demographic,” said Dr. Taryn Taylor, U SPORTS Chief Medical Officer and representative on the Own the Podium Return to Sports Task Force. “As the number of cases rise during the second wave of COVID-19, and without an available vaccine, on-going sports restrictions are required to ensure student-athlete health and safety.”

    Another critical consideration impacting Thursday’s announcement is the variety of local and provincial health restrictions facing championship hosts.

    “U SPORTS is unique in that we offer nine winter championships in nine different parts of the country,” said Lisette Johnson-Stapley, U SPORTS Chief Sport Officer. “Our hosts are facing a variety of challenges due to COVID-19, including travel restrictions and limits on public indoor gatherings that impact event planning. We look forward to providing the hosts of the cancelled 2021 national championships the opportunity to host in future years.”

    U SPORTS will announce its updated future hosting rotation before the end of the year.

    For more information and FAQs, please click here.CORPORATE

    About USPORT:

    U SPORTS is one title that is instantly recognizable and identical in both French and English, with one goal: to give our extraordinary athletic performers the place they deserve both at the top of the podium—and the top of every Canadian’s sports-watching agenda. U SPORTS is the administrator of competitive sports conducted between the 56 member institutions at the University level here in Canada.

    Besides on the playing fields, the heart of the brand is found on a single digital channel – For fans, it provides news and enhanced opportunities for watching live-streamed events. Competitors have their own section where we have centralized the total information structure of university sport. The commitment is to provide each student-athlete, coach, and organizer with a seamless interface that can access every form of information and engagement they require. At the same time, U SPORTS will continue to expand our presence through enhanced broadcast and digital platforms.. 

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