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    Editor’s Note: Happy 2021

    Free Vector | 2021 new year card with realistic papercut page design

    Happy 2021!!

    It’s time to turn the page. It’s a new year and a clean slate.

    The first rule of 2021, is you don’t talk about 2020, we learn from it, but don’t talk about it.

    2021 holds a great deal of promise for the future, and with everything that took place in the last nine months with what we can and cannot do, it is a great opportunity for a “reboot” to get things going in the “right” direction. What that “right” direction is, I am not sure, but this is where we get to figure that out. There are great things on the horizon for all of us as post-secondary coaches here in Canada. There are a great number of tools that will help us all navigate through “THIS”.

    Yes, most of us are “Zoomed out”. Most of us because we are coaches, miss the field and our athletes, it’s what we do. Yes things have been disrupted. But most of us see the opportunities on the horizon to remake things better than they were before. The things that many of us did before have now been wiped away and we get the opportunity to start fresh, start clean, start lean. We did some things for so long that didn’t make sense, “because that is the way that things were always done”, and to change meant fighting the system that kept us employed and functioning, but dysfunctional as well.

    When post-secondary sports resume, things will no doubt be leaner, but this is an opportunity for things to be better. We as coaches will be called upon as we always have been to teach and lead the leaders of tomorrow, and we will all be stronger and better for it.

    To borrow a bit of something from Karl Bryan the Editor and Chief of 6 Figure Coaching Magazine:

    ‘3 Thoughts’

    As the New Year is here and your list of resolutions are Hot Off The Press.

    Here are three more things to think about.

    1. Your success in 2021 will not be the absence of challenges… it’ll be your ability and determination to overcome them.
    2. Wishing for your success will not make it happen… Helping people achieve their success will.  
    3. Making your list of NOT TO DO is more important than your new to do list.

    If you have ever heard the saying ‘A puppy is for life not just for Christmas’.

    The updated version of that is:

    ‘Your Dressing room is for life not just for Tuesday.’

    Wishing you all a great and more importantly a safe year.

    Have a fantastic 2021 Coaches and see you all soon on the field!


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