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    Wanderers’ Omar Kreim: ‘We need to change our minds on how we see things’

    Omar Kreim has eyes for the ball against Cavalry FC. Photo: Chant Photography

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    In the short history of HFX Wanderers FC, there are already a couple of pivotal moments that fans will remember for years to come.

    In the team’s fourth match at The Island Games, Omar Kreim scored an equalizing goal in extra-time to earn his team a very important point, arguably one of the most important results that contributed to the Wanderers’ impressive second-place finish.

    Kreim was coming off an impressive four-year run with his alma mater l’Université de Montréal, where he won a national championship in 2018, before signing with the Wanderers ahead of last season.

    Omar spoke with contributor Dylan Lawrence about the 2020 campaign and to look ahead.

    How has your experience as a Wanderer been so far?

    OK: With everything that’s happening, I expected something worse than that. I was thinking we wouldn’t play (last) year. So having The Island Games and to be able to play my first pro games I think it was better than I was expecting.

    What’s been your favourite moment in a Wanderers shirt?

    OK: I would say when we tied against York9 at the end (of the game). I think personally that was my best moment, so I think that was a good one.

    What was going through your head when approaching that free kick?

    OK: Honestly when I have these types of free kicks on the side, I try to put it on the second post and if someone is able to touch it, they can score, and if they don’t – sometimes goalkeepers like to cheat to go for the cross and that’s what happened. The goalkeeper cheated. I’ve done it a few times before but it’s also luck.

    What do you think that moment meant for the team?

    OK: It was huge. I remember coming into the game and we were one man behind and one goal behind. The objective was to keep the score at 1-0 until the last minutes. When I came onto the pitch we knew to push it at the end and that’s what we did. If you look at the end of the game we had a lot of chances.

    Omar Kreim taking a knee for a moment of solidarity prior to his match against Atlético Ottawa.
    Omar Kreim taking a knee for a moment of solidarity prior to his match against Atlético Ottawa.

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