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    3 Ideas For Excellence:

    The following is courtesy of Dr. Ivan Joseph, V.P. Student Affairs: Wilfrid Laurier University, a Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Coach and Author from June 1, 2021.


    3 ideas for excellence:

    1) Raise expectations gradually

    As an educator, I decided to bring out the best in my team on the academic level. So, I set the GPA minimum at 2.25 as a requirement to make the team. As expected, I was met with grumblings, but sure enough, everyone met the standard. The following year, I raised the standard to 2.50 and the 3rd year to 2.75. The positive results continued.

    2) Go Beyond the Status Quo

    When Roger Bannister broke the record in the 4-minute mile, he achieved what seemed impossible. But within a year 24 other people broke the 4-minute mile. What changed? The confidence to take on the challenge after somebody else has done it. Innovation doesn’t happen unless somebody sets the path.
    Help your team become trailblazers by constantly encouraging them to go beyond the status quo.

    3) Empower Yourself by Empowering Your Team

    There’s nothing more empowering than helping others accomplish a goal. By helping your team rise to your expectations, you are by default strengthening your own self-confidence as a leader. 
    Set high expectations. You’ll be surprised at the results you might get.

    Dr. Ivan Joseph sitting on a staircase with the words: People will always rise to your expectations. We just need to make sure we set them high enough.
    Courtesy of Dr. Ivan joseph

    About Dr. Ivan Joseph:

    Dr. Joseph is the Vice-President, Student Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University where his role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including enriching the student experience, strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, and development of sports facilities. Dr Joseph served in similar capacity as Vice Provost, Student Affairs at Dalhousie University before choosing to return home to be closer to family.

    Prior to that, he was Director of Athletics at Ryerson University where he was lauded for leading the Ryerson Rams to first-time national championship twice and first-time provincial championship several times. He is also recognized for spearheading the transformation of the historic Maple Leaf Gardens into a multi-functional athletic and recreational centre for Ryerson University. The Mattamy Athletic Centre was recently identified as one of the top 10 historic stadiums in North America alongside the Coliseum, Madison Square Gardens and Churchill Downs.

    Dr. Ivan Joseph is also a keynote speaker, award-winning performance coach, author and recognized educator and mentor. His TED talk on self-confidence – with over 20 million views to date – has been selected by Forbes magazine as of the 10 Best TED Talks for Graduates about the Meaning of Life. Dr. Joseph is author of You Got This: Mastering The Skill of Self-Confidence. The book made Amazon’s Top 10 Most Gifted Books in Business Mentoring & Coaching category in 2018.

    As co-founder of Ivan Joseph Leadership, Inc., Dr. Joseph travels extensively around the world to speak to organizations and teams about the power of self-confidence in leadership, career, sports and life, how to build cohesive teams that exceed expectations and harnessing the power of diversity to fuel high performance teams.

    Dr. Joseph has a Ph.D. in sports psychology from Capella University.

    Follow Dr. Joseph on Instagram and Twitter @DrIvanJoseph.

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