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    Simone Inzaghi’s 3-5-2: Inter Milan 2021/22 Tactical Analysis

    S. Inzaghi.jpg
    Inzaghi as manager of Lazio in 2018

    Excerpts of the following tactical analysis article by Ryan Gunness from January 25, 2022 is courtesy of Breaking The Lines:

    In just six months, Simone Inzaghi has turned Antonio Conte’s defensive dynasty into one of Europe’s most attacking outfits.

    Known for their lethal counter-attacks, Inzaghi has evolved Inter Milan into a possession-based, attacking unit, placing their side amongst the most exciting teams to watch this season and giving Inter a four-point lead atop Serie A (with a game in hand on Milan and Napoli). But just what makes Simone Inzaghi’s 3-5-2 a cut above the rest?

    System Mechanics

    Despite having a back-3 on paper (A), Inzaghi uses a makeshift back-4 (B) in order to progress play.

    Here, he implements a staggered 2-3-3-2 structure (C) to combat the opposition’s press with quick, vertical progression of play (D).

    Since opposing teams usually press with central-overloads (E), attacks usually begin from wide areas through Inter’s wide CB as such. Here, the wide CB operates as a fullback, allowing the WB to advance forward into winger-like positions as a result (F).

    As the ball progresses, Inter’s CM and ST join the fold, creating a wide overload as such in attack (G).

    Within this structure, Inter uses a “total football” approach. Here, “every outfield player is able to play in any position as required during the course of the game”, making Inzaghi’s men near impossible to mark/close down.

    The following are examples of such rotations (H-J), whereby the structure of Inter’s build-up remains constant, despite alternating personnel.

    For the rest of the tactical analysis by Ryan Gunness from January 25, 2022, please go to Breaking The Lines:

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