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    Courtesy of Julian Carr

    Ask anyone in the OCAA, it’s been a very interesting year, the first full year back from COVID with a normal schedule and full run of games.

    In a year where the coaches and administrators alike have made mistakes with regards to player eligibility and understanding about said eligibility. Where clerical errors have cost teams playoff positions because game sheets were not completed properly, so others were given the opportunity to represent their schools proudly. Where the CCAA needs to seriously look at the fact that is 2022 and you cannot talk about being “equal opportunity” and about being “all inclusive” and still have an international quota in all of your varsity sports and expect to be taken seriously.

    There is a reason why there is a CanPL USPORTS Men’s Soccer draft and not a CanPL CCAA Men’s Soccer Draft even though there are more than a few capable players in that can play in the CPL and beyond, Example you say, Raheem Edwards (Sheridan 2015) played in “EL Traffico” last night for the LA Galaxy in a losing effort. But back to the matter at hand, It was a long two years. People didn’t get “stupid”, but the pace of the administration may have thrown a number of people off and unfortunately, a number of teams paid for it in the won-loss columns.


    GPPointsRecordWin %ForAga.Last 10Streak
    SENECA103010-01.00050510-0Won 10
    ST. LAWRENCE10227-2-10.75024117-2-1Won 2
    GEORGE BROWN10227-2-10.75029107-2-1Won 1
    DURHAM10175-3-20.60025115-3-2Lost 1
    ALGONQUIN10155-50.50014115-5Lost 4
    FLEMING10103-6-10.35011273-6-1Lost 3
    SAULT1062-80.2002412-8Lost 1
    CAMBRIAN1051-7-20.20011281-7-2Tied 1
    CENTENNIAL1041-8-10.1505271-8-1Tied 1
    GPPointsRecordWin %ForAga.Last 10Streak
    HUMBER103010-01.00056510-0Won 10
    CONESTOGA10279-10.9003299-1Won 3
    FANSHAWE10227-2-10.75032107-2-1Won 7
    ST. CLAIR10165-4-10.55028175-4-1Tied 1
    REDEEMER10144-4-20.50021194-4-2Lost 1
    NIAGARA1093-70.3007293-7Lost 6
    LAMBTON1093-70.3008393-7Won 1
    SHERIDAN1031-90.1005191-9Lost 1
    MOHAWK1031-90.1003451-9Lost 5
    Courtesy of the

    Okay so now that we have dispensed with the pleasantries of the regular season where everyone is jockeying for position not to play this years top squad in the OCAA Humber, whom are the hosts and realistically the number #1 seed because of their 10 – 0 record, until they get to the Provincial Championships in Vaughan, Ontario on October 26th – 29th, Let’s take a look at this week’s matchups via the schedule for this Saturday October 22, 2022 and Sunday October 23, 2022.

    *Home teams are listed first

    Conestoga vs. Sault

    This is the Sault’s first ever playoff appearance outdoors since they launched their outdoor program full time in 2019. To their credit they are here. They get to play. Prior to administrative intervention, they were 0-10 and hadn’t scored a goal all season. They are going to be in tough against Stu Mackie’s Condors who tallied 32 markers this year and their only loss was to Humber. Pack a lunch to watch this one, the only way that Conestoga doesn’t win this game is if they take the Sault too lightly and don’t focus on the task at hand and take care of business early and often. Pick: Conestoga 7-0

    Seneca vs. Sheridan

    This one is juicy.

    Seneca’s Coach Patrice Geshar has his men firing on “all cylinders” in their mission to topple Humber this year and they see Sheridan as a “mere stepping stone to their greater happiness.” And Sheridan is hoping to become their misery, if they can snap out of “the funk” that they have been in since they had all of their points deducted due to “allegedly” having an ineligible player on the roster with a clerical error, then this may be what the doctor has ordered for Coach Andrew Seuradge’s Bruins. This one will be closer that the standings will let on. Pick: Seneca 3-2

    Fanshawe vs. Fleming

    The year didn’t start out Fanshawe on the right foot, with losses to Humber and Conestoga. A tie with Redeemer in game three may have had Coach Rob Pereira either stressed or pulling his hair out, but he was able to get his men on track and they rattled off 7 straight wins and should have number 8 in a row over Fleming College on Saturday. Fleming to it’s credit finished fifth in the East, but are on a three game losing streak. It may be a long day in London for these Knights when they get attacked by the Falcons. Pick: Fanshawe 5-1

    St. Lawrence vs Lambton

    OCAA East Coach of the Year Candidate Coach Carlo Canovan has the Surge doing just that this year, with a 7-2-1 record putting everyone on notice with their only losses coming to Algonquin and Seneca. Since then they have won three and tied one for momentum going into their playoff run where they are looking to make noise. Lambton is making their appearance in the playoffs after a 1-0 win over 4th place Redeemer on October 15th. This may be too much for them though and look for St. Lawrence to knock them into the St. Lawrence. Pick: St. Lawrence 5-1

    Durham vs Redeemer

    This will be probably the most interesting match of the weekend because Coach Gad Espinosa’s Royal are poised to take the next step in their program evolution and this may be the group that has something to prove after their loss last week to Lambton. You never count out the heart of a Champion when they have their backs against the wall, and in Coach Dave Ashfield’s Durham Lords, this is the case. The Lords have had what could be classed as an “up and down” year. When you believe that they are going to come out with points, they falter and then there are other times this season that they have flat out impressed. They lost their last game of the regular season to Seneca (9-0) 2-1, but they did collect 7 out of 9 points in the three games prior, but back to back losses to St. Lawrence and Fleming make this one a “pick ’em” game. Pick: Durham 3-2

    George Brown vs Niagara

    Sorry Knights, but this one has the potential to be get ugly quickly for Coach Frank DeChellis and “said Knights”. Niagara has not had their best year having issues scoring running off a 3-7 record in the West. But they have always fielded competitive teams, especially in the playoffs. Coach DeChellis has a knack of getting them ready, so they will be. The big issue for Coach Johnny Williams’ George Brown Huskies defending OCAA Silver Medalists is how many goals will they score and will they get any cards that will affect them in the next round. The Huskies this year scored 10 fewer goals (29) than the Knights allowed (39) this past season and it was the head to head loss to St. Lawrence that cost them second place in the East. It’s going to be cold tomorrow evening and it is going to be an even colder night for the Knights when the game is over, with George Brown saying “Good Night to the Knights”. Pick: George Brown 4-0

    Sunday October 23, 2022

    St. Clair vs Algonquin

    New name, new uniforms, new athletic administration, new coach in Angus Wong, and after a year away, getting back to a winning attitude. The St. Clair Saints, the 2023 National Championship hosts may be a year away, but with most of Coach Mike Baraslievski’s teams they will be ready to go in Windsor on Sunday. The Wolves (and yes that seems strange to call Algonquin the Wolves), have a winning tradition behind them when they were the “Thunder” of getting to Provincials, so let’s see what this “pack” can bring. Will it be a heavenly day for the Saints on Sunday? Who knows, but one thing for sure is that it will be a good game. Pick: Algonquin 5-4 in PK’s 2-2 in regulation

    So there you have it folks, there’s the men’s draw picks for the first round. Time for everyone to come out swinging.

    This is going to be fun to watch. Enjoy!

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