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    Ahhhhh The Best Time of The Season… PLAYOFFS!!!

    2022 ACAC Women’s Soccer Championship

    The ACAC Women’s Soccer playoffs begin today for a chance at a trip to Lethbridge College for the Provincial Championships on October 28th to 30th. The pair of games between the Olds College Broncos and the SAIT Trojans at 3pm and in play-in game number 2, Northwestern Polytechnic takes on the NAIT Ooks at 6 pm.

    Both games are live streamed, so check them out if you can.

    Conference Schedule | Standings

    Tue. 25OC * % SAIT 3:00 PMVideo
     Play-in Game
     NWP * % NAIT 6:00 PMVideo
     Play-in Game @ Emerald Hills
    Fri. 28S3 vs N2 * % LETH 12:30 PMVideo
     Game #1
     N3 vs S2 * % LETH 5:30 PMVideo
     Game #2
    Sat. 29WG1 vs S1 * % LETH 10:00 AMVideo
     Game #3
     WG2 vs N1 * % LETH 3:00 PMVideo
     Game #4
    Sun. 30Loser G3 vs Loser G4 * % LETH 10:00 AMVideo
     Winner G3 vs Winner G4 * % LETH 3:00 PMVideo
    Courtesy of ACAC:

    2022-23 Women’s Soccer Standings

    CUE -x121110330.9174339-1Won 7
    KC -x121011310.87546119-0-1Won 2
    NAIT -p12732230.66730136-3-1Won 2
    NWP -p12570150.41736314-6Lost 4
    LAKE12471130.37515283-6-1Won 2
    TKU1239090.25019293-7Lost 3
    Portage12012000.0008820-10Lost 12
    RDP -x121110330.917891110-0Won 11
    SAIT -p121110330.9177659-1Won 5
    LETH -h12741220.62543145-4-1Won 1
    OC -p12552170.50029265-4-1Lost 1
    UAA12480120.33318433-7Lost 3
    MHC1119140.1369601-8-1Lost 3
    AMB11011000.00021070-10Lost 11
    Courtesy of ACAC:

    h – Championship Host
    x – clinched playoff spot
    p – eligible for play-in game

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