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    CPL Expands Roster Sizes With New ‘Exceptional Youth Talent’ Rule

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    Excerpts of the following article are from the Canadian Premier League website from July 20, 2023

    The Canadian Premier League (CPL) July 20, 2023 announced a new roster subcategory aimed at furthering the League and its member clubs’ shared commitment to developing the next generation of young talent in Canada.

    The new Exceptional Young Talent roster subcategory, implemented as part of the League’s existing Developmental roster, allows CPL clubs to sign two additional under-18 domestic players outside of their 23-man Primary roster. Those players will occupy spots 24 and 25 on a club’s Master roster.

    The new roster designation became effective on Friday, July 14.

    Primary Roster1-23
    Developmental Roster
    Exceptional Young Talent24 & 25
    Development PlayerMaximum 4 players
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    Three current CPL players have now been designated Exceptional Young Talent:• Taryck “TJ” Tahid (Vancouver FC)• Khadim Kane (Forge FC)• James Cameron (Vancouver FC)

    Any player added to a club’s Master roster as Exceptional Young Talent must be considered a domestic player, as per League competition guidelines, and must be signed to a Standard Player Contract. To further incentivize CPL clubs’ investment in such young talent, compensation of a player signed as Exceptional Young Talent will not count toward a team’s cap.

    For the remainder of the story and the link for more information on the CPL’s Developmental Roster, please go to


    CPL Expands Roster Sizes With New ‘Exceptional Youth Talent’ Rule

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