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    10 Laws Of Leadership

    The following post is from Karl Bryan on his “Six Figure Coaching Magazine” blog, taken from John Maxwell’s book, “Five Levels of Leadership, Proven Steps To Maximize Your Potential.”

    ’10 Laws of Leadership’

    Law of Direction: Anyone can steer the plane but it takes a leader to chart the course.

    Law of Energy: The leader knows momentum is a positive outcome’s best friend.

    Law of Influence: The acid test of leadership is ‘influence’… nothing more or less.

    Law of Attraction: Who you are and what you are… is who and what you attract.

    Law of Heart: You must touch their heart before asking for their hand.

    Law of Proximity: The leader’s potential is determined by their inner circle and those closest to them.

    Law of the Win: A leader finds a way for the team to win.

    Law of Priorities: A leader understands that activity does not equal progress.

    Law of Leaders: To grow you build followers. To compound growth you build more leaders.

    Law of Legacy: The Leader is ultimately measured by succession.

    BONUS: When you’re a leader… you know that you’ll be remembered for what you REFUSE to give up on.

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