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    CCAA Week 1 Men’s Soccer National Rankings

    Cue the 4 Tops, (for those of you whom even know who the 4 Tops are Motown group from the 60’s and 70’s). Okay, so I will come into the 21st Century with my musical references, and cue the Weekend with the “Same Old Song” when it comes to the first rankings of the 2023 CCAA Men’s Soccer season.

    Again, Humber College the current National Champions are ranked… well Ho Hum… Number #1. Tell me we’re not bored of this… NOT!!

    From this perspective, dynasties and dominance are great for sport because it gives us all someone to admire, hate, cheer for to see how long they can go. But it is an example of excellence in the moment, so if your a fan of the game, let’s see where things go with the Humber Hawks this year and if they will be the last ones standing in Windsor at St. Clair with the hardware again.

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