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    Travel Tip For Your Teams

    Preventing Injury In Hotel Housekeeping | Work-Fit
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    So now that the season is over and most coaches are in recovery mode with recruiting small pieces for next year and definitely for the 2025 graduates. I had this debate with a friend a year ago, whom is a Coach at a school about how he makes his players make their beds before they leave after staying in a hotel.

    So I had always wondered as a head coach if this “really” makes life easier for the housekeeping staff, or it makes life a bit more complicated. I have spoken with a couple of friends that run hotels and the answers to be fair have been mixed, but here is an article that argues one way and not the other. Some of you may have seen this on Quara, so enjoy.

    Q: Is it good etiquette to strip the bed before leaving a hotel room you stayed in?

    As someone who actually works in housekeeping, if a hotel guest strips the bed, then I would hunt them down and give them an hour or two hours of my salary (depending on how badly I would need the money).

    Stripping the bed makes things easier/faster for us. No, we don’t treat specific spots as that would mean we’re leaving the bedding as is (which is a terrible idea). We ALWAYS throw all laundry into the washers as soon as we’re done with the floor, and stains are checked for in laundry, not in the room.

    Some places have a “system.” That system is usually ‘start here and end here.’ And it’s the same for 99% of hotels. I only know this because I actually paid attention in “training.” The same training certified by both the AHLA, as in the American Hotel & Lodgings Association, and the ALP, the Association for Lodging Professionals.

    Believe it or not, making things easier to grab and move for housekeeping is actually a good thing. If you make the bed, that’s just more time we’re spending in your room. Actually, if you could pile linen based sheeting on one side of the bed and the decorative pillowcases/blankets/comforters on the other side, that would be awesome as we spray the bed with disinfectant and bed bug spray after stripping and before making the bed again (with new sheets of course).

    Anyone who tells you to make the bed before checking out does not know what they’re talking about/has no foresight, and I strongly advise against listening to… whatever it is they’re spouting.

    Edit: Another benefit I forgot to mention is that stripping the bed guarantees the next guest will be sleeping in fresh linens and forces the hotel/BnB to either very obviously reuse old linens or switch out for new ones. Yes, many Lodges/Hotels/Resorts/BnB’s reuse linens again. It’s ugly and disgusting, but it saves them money for penny pinching.


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