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    Canadian Premier League Increasing Youth Minute Requirement

    FC Edmonton T-Boy Fayia
    Courtesy of the Northern Tribune

    Excerpts of this story are from the Northern Tribune on April 4, 2022 by John Jacques,

    The Canadian Premier League will be raising the minimum amount of minutes that each of its clubs will need to give to domestic U-21 talent this season.

    Multiple sources have informed us that the league minimum has been raised to 2,000 minutes for each CPL side. That marks a 500 minute increase from what the league asked of clubs last season, where no side ultimately ran into issues racking up the mandated minutes throughout the course of a full-length season.

    It was stated back in September that the number would rise, though the league has kept quiet on by how much – or if any other changes to roster rules are inbound. We’re told to expect some additional tweaks there, too.

    20-year-old striker Woobens Pacius scored seven goals in league play last season. courtesy of the Northern Tribune

    The number of minutes given to domestic U-21 minutes has doubled since the league’s inaugural season four years ago. The minimum youth minute marker was set to 1,000 minutes when the CPL launched in 2019, a figure that was pro-rated for the shortened Island Games campaign in 2020. Last season saw that pushed upwards to 1,500, with 2022 now seeing a further rise.

    CPL Director of Football Oliver Gage had explained to The Athletic that the league saw how comfortable all eight of its CPL clubs were with 2021’s youth minute increase, making the decision to raise the bar by another notch forward an easy one – especially given the league’s focus on growing the domestic game.

    For the rest of the story by John Jacques in the Northern Tribune from April 4, 2022, please go to:

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