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    6 Interactions To Focus On To Improve Development and Growth

    The following article is from Steve Wood Operations Director at Creative Foods, UK May 23, 2023.

    Courtesy of Steve Wood:

    #growthmindset is perhaps the thing above all others we look for in those who have the potential and ability to #lead. There are many other facets of character and behaviours that are required, yet without the spirit and appetite for improvement and leaning both individually and collectively very little can be achieved of substance and longevity.

    It is therefore, very important that we are clear on what is important in building a comprehensive plan associated to personal growth. Like anything else in life if it is left to chance then it is highly unlikely that the outcomes we desire will be realised.

    Traditionally a growth plan would cover both functional and behavioural development – both are key as we evolve and expand our capabilities.

    Functionally – we need to assess where we are, where we want to go and what are the gaps in that journey that need to be bridged.

    Behavioural- we need to assess ourselves honestly and openly, taking feedback from others in the process, and define what gaps are we missing against the 11 crucial behavioural competencies of #leadership

    However, what often gets neglected and is of huge importance in our growth and evolutions is the human interactions aspect of growth – to grow and develop it is of critical importance that we consider our approach to maximising the key human interfaces that we have on a daily basis – because it is through those interfaces that our functional and behavioural development will materlise.

    Within that framework of human interactions there are 6 key groups that we need to have considered and incorporated. They are captured in the attached infographic. They are

    – Leaders – find those who inspire you and ask why? Identify how they operate as role models 
    – Managers – Are the gatekeepers to progress – work proactively to build an effective and dynamic model with them
    – Coaches – Build the nuts and bolts of skills with you. Find the right ones for your development need state
    – Mentors – are the reflection enablers – they share experience. Find someone you can talk to openly and honestly.
    – Sponsors – are your advocates and champions. Align them with where you want to go and ensure they are relevant
    – Colleagues – are the support and safety network. Build collaborative relations with a win/win mindset – they help us deliver outcomes

    If you have a true growth mindset then you will consider these groups very carefully, you will not wait for the relationships to come to you. If we want the outcomes we desire then the responsibility is on us to shape these key interactions ourselves the way we want them to be.

    Be proactive – get on the front foot and have an inclusive approach to all 6 stakeholders, that is the enabler for everything else

    In that way we show a true growth spirit, because no growth will ever materialize if we don’t engage interact and nurture the more important relationships we have with those around us.

    About the Author:

    Steve Wood
    Courtesy of Steve Wood

    Steve Wood is a commercially focused COO, group operations, business unit director with 30 years experience within the chilled foods environment in both PLC & Private Equity environments. Key achievements include a step change in performance of business profitability through the delivery of a full scale operational cost review in a multi site business model. The formulation and delivery of a category business development plan. The delivery of strategic growth programs across multi site business footprints and involvement in the successful sale of a private equity business. A strong belief in the proactive engagement of all colleagues in solutions is his driving force.

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