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    Seuradge Steps Away From Bruins Soccer

    Seuradge Steps Away from Bruins Soccer
    Courtesy of Sheridan Bruins:

    The following post is from the Sheridan Bruins website on April 28, 2023

    At the end of the day, it was just time.

    Former 2021 OCAA Coach of the Year Andrew Seuradge has been at the helm of Sheridan Men’s Soccer for 13 years, inheriting a program from Tony Silvestri after his friend and mentor had built the team into a staple at OCAA championship tournaments. In those 13 years, Seuradge has maintained a level of excellence that has kept the Bruins in the winner’s circle, year after year. 

    After almost a decade and a half, Coach Seuradge has decided to hand the program off to the next coach so that he can pursue other soccer opportunities. “Recently, I’ve done some work with programs at the professional level, and it gave me time to reflect upon everything Sheridan has meant to me, and where I want to go in my coaching career. Life is short, and I’d like to look at some other venues so that I can grow as a coach and experience new challenges.” 

    His record is outstanding. Whether it was numerous provincial medals, coach of the year awards, a national bronze, or even the 2014 National Championship Gold that was played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Trafalgar stadium, Seuradge’s legacy at Sheridan will forever be enshrined as one of excellence. Sheridan Soccer Coordinator Nadene Boothe commented, “There are Bruin Alumni that have gone on to represent the double-blue on some of the biggest stages globally. From the Canadian National Team to other professional leagues all around the globe- including the Toronto Football Club and other MLS franchises- this is a testament to Andrew’s ability to recruit and coach.” Seuradge summed up his career at Sheridan this way. “People don’t truly understand the Sheridan experience unless they’ve lived it. I played here. I graduated. I came back and now I’m leaving after coaching for over a decade. There is a true commitment to an academic model of sport delivery. Once that double-blue DNA enters your blood stream, it never leaves.” Jim Flack, Sheridan’s long-serving Athletic Director, summed  up the weeks events this way, “Andrew may not be here as often as he has been, because he’s trying something new. But he’ll be around, and he’s part of the family.  I can’t thank him enough for all his work, and I’m kind of excited to watch what he accomplishes next.” Sheridan Athletics will begin accepting applications for a new coach until to May 9th, 2023. To apply, please email Varsity Soccer Coordinator, Nadene Boothe with your resume. 


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